We are VÅG, an architecture studio based in Lofoten, Norway. We work with a diverse selection of projects and clients in the arctic North.

Our studio has a broad international background and deep understanding for the coastal regions we work in. 

We approach our projects with curiosity and thrive to involve the people we work with deeply in our design processes. We believe in co-creation and trans-disciplinary collaboration to always achieve the best possible result and to create surplus values for our clients.

At the core of our approach is the belief that we as architects can make a difference, when it comes to creating spaces that accomodate for quality of life and that use natural resources conciously.

Our scope of work includes architectural design, interior design, urban planning and zoning plans, as well as destination development, signage and wayfinding. We guide our clients from the early design phases towards finished project, offering all services necessary to create succesful and unique projects that are on budget.

VÅG is a member of the Northern Norwegian Design and Architecture Center, the Association of Norwegian Architecture Firms as well as the National Association of Norwegian Architects.