About us

We are an architecture studio based in Lofoten, Norway.  Between high mountains and the rough sea of the North Atlantic we work with architecture and destination development in the coastal regions of the North.

Living and working along the coast, results in an unique way of thinking and we consider ourselves specialists in coastal architecture. Be it cultural buildings, private houses, tourist destinations, buildings for the coastal industries and harbours or urban developments, we believe that our approach and openmindedness towards new solutions creates unexpected and surprising architecture. The aim with our work always is to create a surplus value for our clients and collaborators. We are convinced, that being open, curious and excited about our projects goes in hand with the predictability and trust our clients expect from us.

Knut Gjernes
Knut Edvard Gjernes

Sivilarkitekt MNAL

phone:     +47 997 02 404
mail:        knut[a]vaag.net

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Markus Schwarz
Markus Schwarz

Dipl.-Ing. Arkitekt

phone:     +47 928 46 453
mail:        markus[a]vaag.net

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Tora Arctander
Tora Arctander

Sivilarkitekt M.sc.

phone:     +47 975 18 273
mail:        tora[a]vaag.net

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Some of our collaboration partners

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Nordlands fylkeskommune


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Senter for oljevern og marint miljø

TEFT Prosjekt AS

Hattvika Lodge AS

Godthåp AS

Lofoten Beach Camp AS

Vestvågøy Kommune

Unitworks Ltd.

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Salt Lofoten AS

Sisu Design Lab AS

Jonassen Maskin og Transport AS